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“Dr. Kelly Rieckmann Krause has the gift of intuition which allows her to make connections beyond the physical realm. Personally, she offered me comfort and compassion through an accurate reading that connected me to loved ones who have passed. It was a healing and unforgettable experience!" 

                             - Client

“The spiritual healing that Kelly has been providing me has not only benefited me with peace but is helping me decrease my anxiety. I have done readings that have been so powerful, emotional and given me a calmness that I can’t explain. She truly is amazing! A very satisfied and permanent customer."

- Tara M

“I have been utilizing reflexology and massage care services for years but have just recently been introduced to Reiki. I immediately felt a feeling of release wash over my entire body and felt a peace that I've never experienced. Kelly was extremely professional and has a natural aura of calm. I will definitely be adding this to my self-care routine and look forward to my next session. She is truly gifted!"

- Darcy S

“My reading revealed an unexpected connection and relayed a deeply personal and relevant message. That message was doubly confirmed within a week. It was a very powerful experience."

- Ann  

"Awesome session! Really hit home."

       - Conference Attendee

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