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Meet Kelly

Dr. Kelly R Krause is the owner and practitioner of Willow Tree Health and Healing. Her practice includes Reiki and Shamanic Healing, Energy Assessments and Clearing. Through a life-long love of learning and interest in healing, Kelly has received various training over the past 20 years. These include: Usui Reiki Master Level Practitioner and Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master Level, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, Reflexology, Color Therapy, Sound Healing, Interior Redesign and she is a student of Shamanic Healing. 


In addition to her practice in healing, Kelly has roots in education serving as a teacher and administrator in public schools. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, a Masters of Science degree in Education from Concordia University, and a Doctorate of Education Leadership from Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin. It is through her experiences in education she learned the value in one’s story, the impact of secondary traumatic stress, and the importance of walking the path of a soul ignited.


In her free time, Kelly enjoys reading, live music, hiking, and spending time with her husband, Troy, family and friends. She especially loves traveling to new places and visiting museums and art galleries. Her favorite place to be is by the water and in nature where she finds the energy soothing and restorative. 

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