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Reiki/Shamanic Healing Session

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses universal energy to align one’s own energy throughout the body. This is done through light touch while the client is fully clothed. The effects include deep relaxation, pain relief, promotion of the healing process, and body and mind wholeness. Reiki is for people of all ages and can be applied to animals. A typical in person Reiki session lasts approximately an hour and may include sound healing within the session. Dr. Krause also offers Distance Reiki for people and animals.

Shamanic Healing is the practice of restoring and balancing our mental, spiritual, and physical wellness through connection to spirit. Dr. Krause works with clients to heal trauma through soul retrieval and illumination, the practices of retrieving and healing an essence of the soul that is still connected to trauma, often times making one feel incomplete or stuck in trauma. This healing work may be done virtually, alone, or combined with a Reiki session. A Shamanic healing session may last 1-2.5 hours, depending on the nature of the session.

Investment for these services include: In person Reiki, $75.00, Distance Reiki, $60.00, Shamanic Healing, $75.00 per hour.

Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is an age-old practice used to clear the energy from a work or living space. This can be done with anything from an office, to an entire home, or to the outside of a property. Just like the dirt and clutter that can physically accumulate leaving a space blocked, so to can the energetic imprint of people and events. Please contact Dr. Krause for pricing. 

Services Offered

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