Reiki Session


Reiki is an ancient healing technique that uses universal energy to align one’s own energy throughout the body. This is done through light touch while the client is fully clothed. The effects include deep relaxation, pain relief, promotion of the healing process, and body and mind wholeness. Reiki is for people of all ages and can help those who cannot tolerate traditional massages. Color and sound therapy, can be added for an additional $10, each. 

Intuitive Readings


Everyone has intuition and free will to make choices that impact the direction of one's life. Sometimes, we need a mirror to see our lives more clearly. Kelly uses her intuition, and ability to read energy, to act as a mirror for clients in making deep connections between their current life circumstances and the guidance of their soul’s journey. This service does not need to be done in person and includes a written report of the reading.

Spiritual Mediumship Reading


A spiritual mediumship reading provides an opportunity for you to connect to loved ones who have passed on. A deep healing and validation that life continues occurs through this connection. When we move on through the physical death of the body, we take the essence of who we are with us and we continue to love those we leave behind in the physical world. This service does not need to be done in person.

Space Clearing

Contact for Pricing

Space clearing is an age-old practice used to clear the energy from a work or living space. This can be done in anything from an office to an entire home. Just like the dirt and clutter that can physically gather, so too can the energy of emotions. Please contact Kelly for pricing. 

Services Offered