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Unplugging the Energy Cord

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

In energy healing, it is believed it is possible to heal all aspects of ourselves, our physical, spiritual, and psychological being, at one time. Sometimes, part of this healing includes examining and then unplugging our energetic power cords from what is draining our energy.

To do this, it’s helpful to reflect on where the energy drain is occurring and why. Working with energy cords during an energy healing session (such as in Reiki) is powerful, but I also feel like it’s helpful to do this at the end of the day, in order to take stock of where we are on an energetic level.

  • First, see or envision yourself as an energetic being. Lie on your bed or sit quietly in a chair and close your eyes. See your inner core of light and how it radiates from your inner core outwards. If you are aware of your chakras and how they align up and down your body, focus on those, if not, just sense the light energy you are radiating.

  • From your inner core, where are you feeling an energy drain? I find many women feel it in their solar chakra, the area above their belly button. Men and women alike also feel it in their heart chakras, the area around their hearts which radiates down the arm and to the hands. Some of us feel it in our throat chakras which includes our shoulder area. Trust your intuition as you find the area that feels and looks the weakest.

  • Next, there are cords of energy attached to other people, places, and situations you come in contact with or have a relationship to. These are often bright and light in color or dark and heavy. They can connect to the past and to the present. Look and feel if there are any cords leading from the area of weakness. Reflect on the cords and see where, or to whom, they lead.

  • To heal, we want to leave the bright and shiny cords that act as a track for a flow of positive energy. When we discover a cord that’s draining or leaves an area weak, we must ask ourselves, why is this draining us and what is the lesson in it? For example, if work is a drain on your energy and the cord is dark, explore deeply into what it is that is draining about it. Have you overstayed in a position you don’t enjoy? Are you not honoring your values by tolerating behaviors that devalue your sense of worth and purpose? What does this say about where you need to grow? Once the cord is found...

  • Unplug it.

  • Unplugging can mean a variety of things. We may need to leave the energy drain; wrap up the cord, and run, or change our behavior and add boundaries that may be out of character for us. Basically, we need to confront ourselves, our situation, and take action. No matter how unhealthy being connected to other people, places, and situations can be, the connection still gives us a sense of familiarity, of structure. This can make unplugging more difficult than it sounds. We can become unsettled and feel a bit lost for a while.

  • Once the cord is unplugged, it’s important to see yourself in new and healthy ways, and with a light that is brightly shining. It’s also important to envision healing light filling the hole the plug left open and then do the work that’s needed to keep that cord unplugged.

Once the energy draining cords are detached and your light is firing brightly, it’s important to be aware of what we “plug in” going forward as it’s easy to fall back into a draining connection. When something doesn’t feel right, it’s not. Having an awareness of what makes us shine will keep us energetically filled and connected to that which supports our energy.

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