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Resting in the Wait

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

I'm not good at waiting. After getting Covid 19, I developed a few "long haul" issues that stopped me from feeling and being healthy. One issue was that the virus wreaked havoc with my vocal chords, confusing them into closing when they should have been opening for things like speaking and well, breathing. It slowed me from taking long walks, stopped me from exploring new places, and took me out of a job that required a lot of talking. It slowed me down to a long wait.

Trying to find an energetic reason for the issue, my intuition kept bringing me back to my throat chakra and not always using my voice to speak my truth. Trauma has a way of doing that, of building a barrier between what we need to share with the world and what we are willing to. My intuition also sensed something was energetically off, like the flow of life had just suddenly stopped. It seems my vocal chords were bringing me back to my truth by resigning in protest.

In speech therapy, I was taught to hold my hand close to my lips to feel my breath as I speak, to feel the energy of my life giving breath to the empowerment of my words. Through this process, I realized I had long given up on authentically using my voice and to get it back, I would need to realign my life to my soul's calling and to speak the truth that I have been carrying with me throughout my eternal existence.

The healing of my vocal chords took time, much more time than I would've liked, but true healing is like takes place in layers with resting in-between. True authentic healing is resting in the wait.

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