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My Spirit Bug

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Throughout my journey in healing work, I have met many spirit guides. Some have been master teachers, some angelic beings, even an animal or two has shown up to lend me an energetic hand. But it wasn't until my husband took me to find special stones for my healing work did I meet my sprit bug.

Finding my special stones proved to be no easy task. First, we drove six hours north, to upper Wisconsin, where we could scout the shores of Lake Superior. We then took a long boat ride to a quiet island where we rode on bikes for another hour to reach a desolate park. The passenger rides were easy. It was the bike ride that nearly took me out. Still struggling to breathe after having Covid, every breath I took was a chore and there were several moments I wanted to give up. It was during one of these moments my little spirit bug showed up. Along the road, surrounded by trees, a flutter of dragonflies appeared. Oddly, they followed me along the road to my destination. Not only did they do this on my way to find my stones, they accompanied me throughout my whole ride back. Was this escort merely coincidental? I thought perhaps they were lost and surmised I could lead them to safety. Maybe they were bored and following the breathless, middle-aged woman, would be a detour from the ordinary; nevertheless, there we were, my bugs and me. It was like somehow they knew I needed their little wings to fly. But these are just bugs. How could they know?

Shorty after my magical, albeit breathless, trip, I learned not only do dragonflies make great inspirational companions, they are pretty special bugs, too. With great pride under their wings, they can beat the hummingbird in flight as the fastest flying bug in the world and their species is older than the dinosaurs. It's no wonder they have been forever a part of legends and fanciful tales. From carrying angels to living with fairies, they are little bugs of wonderment. It is said that dragonflies carry messages from the world of spirit, that they represent rebirth and renewal, courage and strength, and bring healing. When one lands on us, it is to bring a message of embracing change.

Shortly after my expedition to find my stones for healing, my husband and I took a river boat cruise on the Mississippi River. It was a beautiful trip. The sun was going down, the water sparkled, and all I could feel was peace. It was then, standing at the back of the boat appreciating the view before me, I felt something land on my hand. There he was, my spirit bug, a dragonfly had landed on me.

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