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Listening to Intuition

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

It was a lovely, quiet Saturday afternoon, when I decided to close my eyes “for a minute” and take a nap. In order to get comfy, I removed my glasses and straddled them over my leg. The moment I did it, I heard a brief but certain voice say, “Don’t do that.”

“It’s only for a minute,” I thought, and then proceeded to close my eyes.

Over an hour later, I drifted awake from a restful nap, swung my legs over the side of the bed and hopped to the floor. Unbeknownst to my waking self, I leapt onto what was a crunch under my feet.

My glasses.

Intuitive messages are short, quick, and decisive. They do not ruminate on fear or use fear driven messages; that’s anxiety. They come in small moments, such as when making a careless move with your glasses, or can come when making life changing decisions. They may sound like, "Don’t accept that proposal... Say “no” to that job offer...Check in with your child; there’s something off. They come to keep us on our higher path or to help us to learn a lesson that may be less painful, but they are not panic driven. They are more matter of fact, always loving, and they come from our higher selves.

What is our “higher self,” exactly? When I visualize my higher self, I see her as an essence above me that is directly connected to that which is Divine or God. I believe that when we take our human form in this life, we need to feel fully what it is to be human, so we forget much of what we know spiritually to do so. Our higher selves are what connects us to our divinity and is still very much aware of our mission in this life that is connected to the other side of the veil. But like so many things, the true nature of our higher selves is a mystery and mysteries are not always logical.

Logic is necessary to live our day to day lives, but it is also a conditioning that makes harnessing our ability to have a stronger connection to our intuition a skill that needs to be built. To become better connected to our higher selves and to listen to our intuition, there are practices we can do. The following can help build the intuitive muscle.

  • Meditate. I like guided meditations because I can select one I feel I need and move along with the meditation. There are massive amounts of them on YouTube or other apps, such as Calm and Insight Timer. There are some specifically designed to connect with our higher selves and intuition.

  • Become physically healthy. I inherited a serious sweet tooth. Added sugar has become my nemesis, but for a healthy body, I am willing to accept this foe and change what my body runs on so that there is room for my spirit to shine.

  • Work on releasing attachments and strengthening faith in a higher purpose. This involves trusting when you can’t see the outcome and relinquishing safety by giving up control, no easy task for us control freaks.

  • Open the “third eye” or “Ajna” chakra. This is located slightly above and between the eyebrow line. There are a number of modalities that can help with this including: sound and color therapy, yoga, aromatherapy, Reiki healing, and using crystals such as amethyst or sodalite.

When it comes to trusting my intuition, I still have a ways to go. But I’m working on it. And while I still have pre-listening relapses, I have learned to trust my intuition more than not. I no longer hold onto something for the security of it, especially if it’s poisoning my spirit. I am quicker to recognize when my intuition tells me the energy around someone or something is draining my own. And I’m less likely to feel like I have to explain myself or the message my higher self has given me. I just trust her.

Because when I don’t, I have to buy new glasses.

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