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Grounded in the Root Chakra

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

It’s a hazy, warm Monday morning and I’m driving down the road to get to my office. I’m at the second set of lights when I think, “Wait, did I put on my deodorant?”

I go through my morning prep list...Shower? Check. Lotion? Yup. I brushed my teeth? Yes. Brushed my hair? Done. Deodorant, deodorant...blank.

If this doesn’t sound familiar, maybe you regularly participate in a little ritual of panic with yourself or with someone you love entitled, “Where did I put my car keys? (or insert casualty of loss here... purse, shoes, wallet). This usually involves a mad dash of five to six places one “always keeps” the item only to find it was laying in one of the first three usual places one already looked. Of course the item is blissfully unaware of the trouble it caused while the one affected now has a heart rate escalated to that of a marathon runner.

Besides being annoying, these instances are symptoms of not being grounded.

Throughout our bodies, we have Chakras or “wheels of energy” that interweave our spiritual power between our physical and nonphysical bodies. We have at least 7 main chakras with 21, or more, minor ones. Each is developed at a certain stage in life. Trauma can impact the chakras but this trauma can be part of our life plan to work through as we later use it as our strength.

The energy around being grounded comes from the Root (Muladhara) Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and is red in color. Formed at the infant stage, the Root Chakra holds our sense of identity and belonging, as well as lessons about the material world. Within the location of this chakra, its energy oversees the spine, legs, feet, reproductive and immune systems.

The purpose of this chakra is to connect us to our “tribes” which includes family, community, both local and worldwide, and the Earth with all of its life. Within our tribes, we begin our lives dependent on them for getting our basic needs met. This connection also impresses upon us their beliefs, fears, and sense of belonging. As infants and children, we are little sponges accepting everything that is given to us, unable to define our boundaries or our own beliefs. As adults, this becomes part of our soul’s accept lessons given to us through our tribes and to become responsible for our own lives. Sometimes walking in the power of our own choice can be painful as it means shedding the messages that came from those we love.

Traumas that impact the energy of the Root Chakra can include: when one is raised with a lack of security and safety, not feeling “rooted” in your home or community, the inability to provide for oneself, and social and family order and rules, both spoken and unspoken. An example of this rule is “We protect the family/community image at all costs.” Signs there is some healing to do within this chakra comes physically as constipation, depression, lower back pain, and immune disorders. For example, I have a loved one who always feels lower back pain when he starts to worry about money. This pain reminds him that as long as he is doing his part, he needs to stand again in faith that everything will work out. And, when he goes back to being present and trustful, the pain goes away. Of course, there can be many reasons for pain, but on an energetic level, there’s a core reason for everything.

When these signs and signals occur, there are things we can do.

First, we can work through any tribal issues that may still be lingering. For example, were you around prejudiced views that are not at all truthful but you are afraid to speak your mind? Were you raised in a religious culture that you don’t identify with, but, if you left, you’d shame the family/community? Or is there a secret of alcoholism or abuse you have been told to keep at all costs? Maybe you just live in a community to which you don’t feel connected or have a job you don’t like and feel insecure about. These are all issues to address and work through so that your soul can move to its next stage of development. Everyone has issues to work through. It’s part of our path.

Next, there are other steps to take to balance the Root Chakra.

  • Move your body. Yoga, walking, or riding a bike is good for this.

  • Clear the clutter from your spaces: home, work, and car.

  • Meditate. Look for specific meditations related to the Root Chakra.

  • Wear a splash of red.

  • Eat foods that are red in color.

  • Use Reiki, sound healing or other energy healing modalities.

Finally, my favorite exercise in balancing my Root Chakra is to see myself grounded to Mother Earth. I do this by simply envisioning roots flowing from the soles of my feet to the core of the Earth. This reminds me to be present in the now and to know that I am supported. A healthy Root Chakra is having a balanced connection to our inner selves, to each other, and all Earthly things, including car keys and deodorant.

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