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Willow Tree
Health and Healing

 with Dr. Kelly R Krause

A Balanced Life
is Waiting 

Dr. Kelly R Krause is the owner and practitioner of Willow Tree Health and Healing. Her practice includes Reiki and Shamanic Healing, Energy Clearing, Public Speaking, Workshops and Officiant Services. Through a life-long love of learning and interest in healing, Kelly has received various training over the past 20 years. These include: Usui Reiki Master Level Practitioner and Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, Reflexology, Color and Sound Therapy, and is a student of Shamanic Healing. Kelly’s love for serving people and passion for healing supports her mission to “support others in their search for healing and wholeness" through education, service, and following her own soul's calling. Kelly works with adults and children of all ages as well as with animals. She is also trained in working with people in Hospice care. 


              The Way of the Willow

Softly rooted within Mother Earth, the Willow Tree gently unfolds her arms to protect and nurture those who need her. She is resilient. Her branches, when fallen, will grow from the depths of the mud, surviving the most challenging of conditions. Knowing her purpose, her entire being is one of giving; from her bark containing pain relieving properties, to her roots decontaminating soil and water, her nature is to heal. 


The spirit of the Willow Tree is timeless even though she knows her life is limited. Using the wisdom of those who came before her, she dances with the wind and speaks to the animals allowing the birds and butterflies to rest on her limbs. Connecting to all elements of the natural world, the Willow is grateful for the sun’s warmth that nurtures her growth and for the moon’s magic upon her while she rests. 


The Way of the Willow is to see grace in mystery and to feel hope in healing. 

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What I Specialize In

Energy Work

Reiki and Shamanic Healing

Trainings and Workshops

- Arundhati Roy

"Another world is not only possible, She is on Her way. On a quiet day, I can hear Her breathing." 

The spiritual healing that Kelly has been providing me has not only benefited me with peace but is helping me decrease my anxiety.

- Tara M

I immediately felt a feeling of release wash over my entire body and felt a peace that I've never experienced. Kelly was extremely professional and has a natural aura of calm.

- Darcy S

“Dr. Kelly R Krause has the gift of intuition which allows her to make connections beyond the physical realm...It was a healing and unforgettable experience."

- Client

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